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Since 1991, Tom S. Hyde has filed thousands of uncontested divorces, legal separations, and annulments at a reduced fee.  When parties can work out their own division, you save.  You save time, you save money and you save on the headache.  You have probably clicked numerous sites that want your credit card number, then you click and hopefully click and fill out on line information that you hope does the job.  

If you need to divide a piece of real estate, come up with a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or properly calculate child support you should have an attorney to advise you. You get to speak to an attorney for free and the attorney answers your questions and provides you with professional advice.  Try that with those point and click services! Tom Hyde prepares all of your documents and is responsible for filing your documents with the court, monitoring your case and finalizing your case.

Tom Hyde offers services in more complicated divorces that do not involve disputes regarding the minor children at an additional fee.  Feel free to ask about those services as well.  You should ALWAYS consult with an attorney for legal advice.  DO NOT rely on Youtube College or Google University to answer your important legal questions.

Fees $150 No Kids $299 with Kids plus filing fees

Why so low? I say to others, why so high! In uncontested divorces, we file agreeable matters through Lincoln County near Spokane.  Why there you ask?  For well over 30 plus years, Lincoln County is the one county in the State of Washington where thousands file each year, but never step one foot inside the courthouse! You do NOT have to live there to file there.   Tom Hyde has handled thousands of cases in this manner since 1991. If a party demands to have the case filed in the county where they live, you will incur additional costs and you will have to appear in court. We are a Law Office and not a document preparer or paralegal outfit.  You are retaining an attorney who will represent you and legally advise you.  You should always consult with an attorney for legal advice.  Never trust your legal matters to non attorneys or paralegals.  


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Call or email today and get your initial consultation. You lose nothing by talking with an attorney.  You owe nothing unless you wish to get started.  The attorney can accept fees over the phone and have your documents ready for your review with in a day or two.

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